International Veterinary Forensic Sciences Association

The IVFSA encourages you to apply for membership.  To learn more about the IVFSA, download one of these documents:

IVFSA overview flyer

IVFSA printable brochure

Members in good standing will receive access to members only section of the website, receive the IVFSA Newsletter, meeting discounts, and membership directory. 

All potential members will complete the application form and submit to the IVFSA either online, or print and mail.

For online submission, the applicant should complete the online application online application form and upload a current CV or Resume.  Applicant references should be directed to the online reference form with the request they complete and submit all requested information.

For printed forms, applicants should complete the top portion of the reference form and forward two copies of the form to any two full members of the IVFSA, Board of Directors, or Executive Officers.  The applicant should also submit a current CV or Resume via mail.  The individual making the recommendation will submit the reference form directly to the IVFSA office by US Mail, Express Carrier, or online submission.

Deadline for application is May 1st.  All applications will be reviewed by the IVFSA Executive Officers and if approved, the applicant will be announced as a member at the annual business meeting.  If approved, membership dues are levied for the current year and payment of dues will be made before the Certificate of Membership is issued.

Apply online

IVFSA Online Membership Application Form

IVFSA Online Member Reference Form


Print and mail

IVFSA Membership Application

IVFSA Application Reference Form

Mail to:

C/O Maples Center for Forensic Medicine
4800 SW 35th Drive
Gainesville, FL  32608