international veterinary forensic sciences association


10th annual veterinary forensic science conference is announced:

The IVFSA Board of Directors is thrilled to announce that the 2017 Veterinary Forensic Sciences Conference hosted by the IVFSA will be held in New York City, thanks to the generous sponsorship of the ASPCA.  New York City was chosen taking into account the membership vote in 2015 for future conference locations outside of Florida and the unique and exciting opportunity this sponsorship provides for further growth and development of the IVFSA.  Holding the conference in NYC enhances accessibility and provides ample opportunity for international attendance while also allowing us to draw from a large local population of attendees.  At the same time, there are many local leading experts, which can serve to diversify and promote conference speakers.  

The 2017 ASPCA sponsorship will allow for the IVFSA to hold the conference in NYC as it will cover all costs associated with the hotel conference space, A/V and labor, continental breakfasts, coffee breaks, the soiree, as well as travel costs for non-member solicited speakers and RACE accreditation.  We also hope to bring back student posters this year, as well as offer reduced registration costs for those who register early.  For these reasons and many more we are excited and eager to be holding the 2017 conference in NYC on May 16th thru the 18th


CEUs and RACE credits are pending approval.

IVFSA Members will receive the discounted membership registration link for the 10th Annual Veterinary Forensic Sciences Conference via email from the organization treasurer.